Rural Blueprint

Springtime in Amherst, 2019

Springtime in Amherst, 2019


Healthcare Access

  1. Provide incentives to attract more medical providers to districts like ours.

  2. Lower health insurance premiums for employers and self-employed individuals.

  3. Increase the number of mental health providers for rural areas, particularly for children.

Well-Funded Schools

  1. Recruit and retain quality teachers in rural areas with competitive pay and benefits.

  2. Return public school per-pupil funding to equal or surpass levels from before the Great Recession (2008 - 09).

  3. Restore funding for building improvements, including modernized Career and Technical Education (CTE) facilities.

Workforce Development

  1. Provide skills and technical training in high schools and community colleges for in-demand jobs.

  2. Attract long-term business investments by providing economic incentives that make our district competitive with the rest of Virginia.

  3. Encourage and support the construction of safe, quality housing our working families can afford.

Reliable Broadband

  1. Fund immediate rural broadband installation.

  2. Recognize that broadband is a utility, not a luxury.

  3. Support localities in their coordination with providers for installation to the last home on the last mile.

Clean Energy

  1. Act at a state level to stop pipelines from threatening lives, livestock, and our natural resources.

  2. End restrictions that prohibit landowners from generating and selling clean energy back to the grid.

  3. Protect the environment and act against the growing climate crisis before it is too late for our family farms, our families, and our planet.