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Delegate David Reid

“As a Buena Vista native, I’ve never forgotten my Rockbridge County roots. I support Christian because she cares about you and wants to pursue ideas in Richmond that will strengthen your community without changing who you are. She is focused on solving problems that will make a difference to you every day - whether it is putting state money back into public schools or giving you broadband to the very last mile.”

— David Reid

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Delegate Chris Hurst

"Christian is going to be a great representative for the 24th District because she listens and is focused on issues that are crucial to her constituents' lives, like access to healthcare. Christian is a tireless advocate for our common values as rural Virginians and how those values should shape our policy choices. You should support Christian because she'll be supporting you."

— Chris Hurst


State Senator Creigh Deeds

“Christian Worth is smart and focused. She has exactly the skill set we need for an effective legislator from western Virginia. If we are going to effectively shape policies that benefit our region, we need legislators who are willing to do the thoughtful and hard work with other people to get results. Christian Worth will be that kind of legislator. I urge you to vote for her on Tuesday, November 5th.”

— Creigh Deeds

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State Senator John Edwards

“I am pleased to endorse Christian Worth because she is committed to bettering the lives of people in her district and across the Commonwealth. Her Rural Blueprint platform is founded in real solutions, from expanding access to healthcare to building an affordable broadband infrastructure that serves everyone. Take the time to speak with Christian and you will know that she is the right choice for the region. Throughout her life, she has fought for others. Now it is our time to fight for her.”

— John S. Edwards

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Delegate Sam Rasoul

"Nov. 5 is an important day not just for the 24th District, but for the Commonwealth. Christian’s Rural Blueprint platform shows she is already listening to her community and will advocate for their interests. Christian has brought the same tireless work ethic to her own campaign for the 24th House of Delegates District that she has in supporting Tim Kaine, Jennifer Lewis, and other Democratic candidates through local organizing, canvassing, and Get Out The Vote efforts. I hope you will join me in supporting and endorsing Christian Worth for the House of Delegates."

— Sam Rasoul

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US Senator Tim Kaine

“I'm pleased to endorse Christian Worth for Virginia House of Delegates in the 24th District. Christian is committed to expanding access to affordable health care, improving our public education system, increasing teacher pay, and fighting for better rural broadband. She understands that progress for Virginia families starts with listening and happens best when we all work together. I encourage everyone to get out and support Christian Worth on November 5.”

— Tim Kaine


Local Politician A.W. Lewis

“Christian Worth has the energy, ability and background to hit the ground running for the 24th District. She will be noticed and she will be heard; and as our advocate she will make us proud. While well acquainted with deep thought and hard work as a family and pro-bono lawyer, she deals refreshingly well with people in a time when our locality and our nation hunger for civility.

Character matters! And trust is a necessary quality for a legislator. You will find, as I have, that her word is a good as her bond, and you won’t have to worry about what she may say to the next guy. She is eager to reach across the aisle, will listen, check-in with her constituents and respect transparency. I am pleased to support Christian Worth for Delegate. Please support her with your vote on November 5.”

— A.W. “Buster” Lewis


VEA Recommended candidate

“It is important that we lend our support to those who stand behind our public schools and the dedicated professionals who work in them. Christian Worth stands up for children and will fight to increase our investment in schools, raise pay for teachers and other school employees, and Fund Our Future.” VEA President Jim Livingston